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Super WiFi - IBM's Version of Siri - Useless Facebook Report

Posted By: Jon Jackson · 9/6/2012 7:45:00 AM

Super WiFi?

 ‘Super Wi-Fi’, (A bigger range of Hot Spots) is being deployed in the US and is generating interest in a number of countries, including Britain and Brazil. It’s not really Wi-Fi at all, it’s actually wireless broadband dispersed through unused frequencies on the broadcast TV spectrum. The technology could allow wireless signals to travel as far as 160 km in theory, although for practical reasons the range will probably be only a few miles.

IBM Making Siri Look Bad

IBM researchers have spent 4 years developing ‘Watson’, what they hope will become a supercharged version of Apple’s ‘Siri’ personal assistant, offering instant advice and information on just about any topic. The super-brain’s nerve center is 10 racks of IBM servers that have the same processing power as 6,000 desktop computers. IBM is currently trying to figure out how to jam “Watson” into handheld devices.

Facebook Report

If for some god-awful reason, you want to know how many of your Facebook friends are married/ Engaged/Are named David, Joe or Kristina – there is now a website that can compile a report based on your Facebook Profile. The "Facebook Report" by Wolfram Alpha, will give you more knowledge than you could possibly ever want to know about yourself and your Facebook profile. You can access your data by going to and typing "Facebook report" into the search box.

In addition to random trivia facts, the app also gives you a highly detailed breakdown of your most liked and commented on photos, what apps you use most often to upload pictures to the service and when, and even what your average post length is.

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