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Google is on Top + Apple Marketing Secrets - Demonoid Shut Down

Posted By: Jon Jackson · 8/9/2012 7:45:00 AM

Everything is coming up Google

Google's Android surged to a whopping 68% share of the global Smartphone market last quarter. That's four times more than the 17% market share held by Apple. Google also announced that their Google Chrome web browser is used in 1/3 of the world market. Yesterday, Google also announced new tools that will make your searches faster and more relevant on mobile devices, with an upgrade to its voice search feature.


Apple no longer actually needs to do ANY advertising when it launches new products. Its marketing director has said that Apple relies on these 2 strategies: Rely on the media to create buzz for its products through positive reviews and Product placement in TV shows and movies.

BitTorrent Site Shut Down

Those of you who enjoy downloading movies and music and books via torrent, (Not that I’m condoning it) might be a little thrown off. One of the big BitTorrent sites: “Demonoid” has been shut down. The site operates out of the Ukraine and authorities there have forced it to be shut down.

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