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New September TV you won't want to miss...maybe

Posted By: Gary · 9/7/2012 10:45:00 AM


According to a USA today TV expert there are new shows we should not miss this year!  I am always late on getting into any of these but I'm thinking that Vegas may be one I'll catch from the start.  Let me know what (if any) new shows you'll be catching right out of the gate.  Here's the rundown for you :

USA Today TV guy Robert Bianco says these new shows shouldn't be missed...

Nashville (ABC, Wednesdays, 10 ET/PT, premieres Oct. 10) - Never mind the country theme. Nashville rocks.

The New Normal (NBC, Tuesdays, 9:30 ET/PT, premieres Monday at 10) - Created by Glee's Ryan Murphy, Normal enters facing an early boycott: A Utah station refuses to air the show because it depicts a gay male couple adopting a baby from a surrogate.

Elementary (CBS, Thursdays, 10 ET/PT, Sept. 27) - No series this fall has a more cynical genesis than Elementary, a CBS procedural based on the Sherlock Holmes stories but wholly inspired by the network's failure to acquire the rights to adapt the British hit Sherlock. So CBS did its own version — and extremely well.

Vegas (CBS, Tuesdays, 10 ET/PT, Sept. 25) - Odds are Vegas is about to turn Dennis Quaid from movie to TV star.

Ben and Kate (Fox, Tuesdays, 8:30 ET/PT, Sept. 25) - You may be tempted to write Ben and Kate off as yet another comedy about an overly responsible woman being tortured by a supposedly lovable but actually roundly annoying, irresponsible man. But this woman isn't as stick-in-the-mud stable as she appears to be, and the man may be as appealing as the show needs him to be.

Happy Watching!

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