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Coupon Christine: "Is couponing really worth it?"

Posted By: Dave and Rachel · 7/30/2012 8:15:00 AM

Coupon Christine

Mon, July 30, 2012

Home Remedies

There are a ton of amazing websites out there that list surprising alternatives to standard uses of products found in your home.  For example, ant traps cost upwards of $5-$10 to place a few around your home.  Why not try a dusting of pure cinnamon.  Not only is it less harmful if little children find the cinnamon on the floor, but it makes your house smell fantastic.  Toothpaste, that many couponers have been able to get for free with their Colgate coupons, is a great polisher for around fixtures not to mention helps get rid of garlic smell on your hands and drop a bit in a stinky baby bottle and scrub with your bottle brush – smells awesome!  Just Google suprising alternatives for household items.


It is not uncommon for me to be stopped in stores while carrying my big couponing bag or asked by cashiers if couponing is really worth it.  Well, if you haven’t already added me to your Facebook page, you should!  I just did an entire blog post on products myself and fellow couponers have been able to get for FREE using coupons.  YEP!  And the biggest category on the list is FOOD!  Including everything from free chicken breast, bread, milk and yogurt!  If you aren’t already my friend on Facebook you should be!  My goal is to reach 5000 by the end of the summer – come on London and area – help me out by adding me at



Today, Peek Frean’s Facebook page will be releasing another buy 1 get 1 free coupon that you request and they mail out to you in a few months.  Is a fantastic coupon as the cookies go on sale a lot for $1.99 each – so with this coupon you can get 2 boxes of delicious cookies for 2 bucks!  I will post when it goes live on my Facebook page, so again add me and you too can get awesome deals like this!

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