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at 19:51 on February 11, 2016, EST.

Diplomats aim for temporary Syria truce in a week

MUNICH - Diplomats trying to secure a ceasefire for the civil war in Syria fell short in organizing an immediate truce but agreed to try to work out details and implement a temporary "cessation of hostilities" in the coming week.


at 19:41 on February 11, 2016, EST.

Irish leaders hold 1st TV debate ahead of Feb. 26 election

DUBLIN - The leaders of Ireland's four major parties have traded blows in the first live debate of the country's Feb. 26 election campaign.


at 19:29 on February 11, 2016, EST.

Fargo officer just 2nd killed in line of duty

FARGO, N.D. - A North Dakota police officer died Thursday of a gunshot wound suffered while responding to a domestic disturbance hours earlier, becoming just the second Fargo officer to die in the line of duty and the first in more than a century.


at 19:22 on February 11, 2016, EST.

Diplomats agree to Syria cease-fire in a week

BEIRUT - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says diplomats meeting in Munich have agreed to work with Syrian parties to implement a "nationwide cessation of hostilities."


at 19:20 on February 11, 2016, EST.

What We Know: Scientists find Einstein's gravity waves

Scientists say they have finally detected gravitational waves, proving Einstein right again. Here's what we know:


at 19:13 on February 11, 2016, EST.

Riot at prison in northern Mexico leaves 49 inmates dead

MONTERREY, Mexico - A brawl between rival drug gangs at an overcrowded penitentiary in northern Mexico turned into a riot Thursday, leaving 49 inmates dead and 12 injured in the country's deadliest prison melee in years.


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