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at 17:23 on March 30, 2015, EDT.

Pennsylvania state police: Sweet-toothed burglar steals more than 100 candy bars, cookies

PLEASANTVILLE, Pa. - State police in northwestern Pennsylvania are looking for a burglar who just may have some cavities — or, at least, a sweet tooth.


at 20:30 on March 27, 2015, EDT.

Why did the chickens turn pink? Owner says he wanted to 'make people smile'

PORTLAND, Ore. - The mystery of Portland's pink chickens is solved.


at 20:30 on March 27, 2015, EDT.

Oregon's Willamette Valley farmers agree slugs a problem - but what to do? Solutions sluggish

SALEM, Ore. - Farmers in Oregon's Willamette Valley hate slugs, slimy mollusks that munch their way through crops.


at 16:06 on March 27, 2015, EDT.

Toilets, lingerie, shacking up: Florida legislators take on odd topics in some bills

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Florida legislators filed more than 1,700 bills for consideration during their two-month session that ends in May. Some are routine, some deal with high-profile issues such as abortion and guns, and some are just odd. Here's a look at a few that fall into the last category:


at 16:52 on March 24, 2015, EDT.

Pennsylvania man arrested in courthouse for skipping out on jury duty 11 times in 2 years

SOMERSET, Pa. - A Pennsylvania man who skipped out on jury duty 11 times in the last two years has been arrested inside a courthouse while seeking relief from a child support ruling.


at 16:51 on March 24, 2015, EDT.

Privacy and private parts: Neighbors riled at naked man but law offers bare minimum of options

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Authorities in North Carolina are looking at ways to take action against a Charlotte man who stands at his front door naked.


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