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at 20:13 on October 05, 2015, EDT.

Feds lose bid to place niqab ruling on hold, could pave way for Ishaq to vote

OTTAWA - A new court ruling means a devout Muslim woman who chooses to cover her face now has a chance to become a Canadian and vote in the Oct. 19 federal election.


at 19:46 on October 05, 2015, EDT.

Dramatic cougar chase in Victoria ends with big cat felled by tranquilizer dart

VICTORIA - It was the perfect Hollywood ending to a guns-drawn pursuit of a cougar bounding across backyards, over fences and through garages in a downtown Victoria neighbourhood steps from British Columbia's legislature.


at 18:16 on October 05, 2015, EDT.

Kids' blood found on objects around home: Turcotte trial

SAINT-JEROME, Que. - An expert says he believes Guy Turcotte stabbed his children with his right hand while holding them down with the other because his left shirt sleeve had traces of blood.


at 18:05 on October 05, 2015, EDT.

Producers of dried medical pot awaiting approval to sell now-legal cannabis oils

TORONTO - A number of Canada's medical marijuana growers are poised to release cannabis oils for authorized patients who don't want to smoke or vaporize the dried herb to relieve their symptoms.


at 17:49 on October 05, 2015, EDT.

12 countries, including Canada, reach tentative Trans-Pacific trade deal

ATLANTA - Twelve nations, including Canada, have reached a tentative deal on a massive Pacific Rim trading bloc billed as the largest-ever deal of its kind, with implications for hundreds of millions of people, hundreds of products and industries, and for long-term relationships between countries on four continents.


at 17:28 on October 05, 2015, EDT.

Afternoon weekday playoff games may prove disappointing for Jays fans

TORONTO - Despite their thrilling second-half push to the post-season, it appears the Toronto Blue Jays are not ready for prime time.


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