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at 19:43 on September 02, 2015, EDT.

No preliminary hearing for accused B.C. polygamist, case heads straight to trial

VANCOUVER - A lawyer prosecuting the accused polygamist leader of a fundamentalist Mormon commune has opted to forego a preliminary inquiry and head straight to trial.


at 19:40 on September 02, 2015, EDT.

Alleged crime scene renovations shock lawyer in Dalhousie student murder case

HALIFAX - Renovations to an apartment that is the alleged crime scene in a murder case involving two Dalhousie University students were criticized Wednesday by a lawyer who says the work has hampered his ability to defend his client.


at 18:56 on September 02, 2015, EDT.

NDP riding president tossed for urging voters to back Green candidate

OTTAWA - The president of the NDP riding association in Ontario's Parry Sound-Muskoka has been turfed for urging voters to support the Green candidate.


at 18:55 on September 02, 2015, EDT.

Newfoundland mayor wants 'dysfunctional' council dissolved for new election

ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - The mayor of a small Newfoundland town says its "dysfunctional" council is so stacked against him it would vote down a cure for childhood cancer if he was the one promoting it.


at 18:41 on September 02, 2015, EDT.

Quebec health minister insists dying patients must get help to ease suffering

QUEBEC - Terminally ill patients in Quebec who seek medical aid in dying must be provided with the service even if some doctors are against it, Quebec's health minister said Wednesday.


at 18:36 on September 02, 2015, EDT.

Winnipeg man accused of sending letter bombs to hear Friday if he gets bail

WINNIPEG - A Winnipeg man accused of sending a letter bomb that caused a lawyer to lose her hand will find out later this week if he will get bail.


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