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Al Jardine

Alan Jardine was born in Lima, OH, on September 3, 1942, and moved to Hawthorne, CA, when he was a young child. Al Jardine and Brian Wilson went to school together at Hawthorne High and both played on the football team. Jardine tells a story about how the two became good friends: quarterback Wilson called the wrong play and Jardine, the halfback, was clobbered by two defense men, breaking his leg. It was at a school assembly that Jardine first heard Brian, his brother Carl Wilson, and their cousin Mike Love perform. Off and on, over the next few years, Al Jardine encouraged Brian that they should sing together. When an initial pairing of Al, Brian, and some now-forgotten classmates at El Camino Junior College did not jell, Brian suggested trying it again with Carl and Love. Thus, the Beach Boys were formed. (Note: it could be said that Brian and Jardine were the first two in the band.)

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