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John Wetton

John Wetton has had one of the most varied careers in progressive rock. He has played in the majority of the big names in prog, in many cases in their classic lineups. His first major band experience came when he joined Family in 1971. He was featured on two of their albums: 1971's Fearless and Bandstand (released the following year). He performed various functions in the group, but his primary role was as bassist. Previous to this group he had recorded with Edward's Hand and Mogul Thrash. He left Family to join Robert Fripp and company in King Crimson, taking a place that had been previously filled by Greg Lake. This would not be the last time the two of them would replace one another. His tenure with that group was not exceptionally long, however, as Fripp disbanded Crimson in 1975. Wetton did, however, contribute to several classic Crimson discs (Larks' Tongues in Aspic [1973], Red [1974], Starless and Bible Black, and USA [1975]). Many Crimson fans consider this to be the ultimate era of the group.