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The Eagles

The Eagles -- not to be confused with the 1970s California band of that name -- started out in Bristol, England at the end of the '50s. Terry Clarke (lead guitar), Johnny Payne (rhythm guitar), Michael Brice (bass), and Rod Meacham (drums) were all students at Connaught Road School, and they took the group name from the Eagle House Youth Club, to which they all belonged. The quartet played local dances, parties, and bingo halls, often passing the hat to be paid. A pivotal moment came with their appearance at Royal Festival Hall in 1962, in the final round of the Rhythm Group of the Year competition. They were seen there by composer Ron Grainer, who liked what he heard and had a particular project in mind for them -- he had to write the score for a movie built around the Duke of Edinborough's anti-juvenile delinquency youth club project, entitled Some People. The movie was to be shot in Bristol, and already a local singer named Valerie Mountain had been selected for the soundtrack -- this band, from a youth club in Bristol, seemed perfect, both for the film and the score he envisioned.

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