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Woodstock Mountain Revue

Woodstock Mountain Revue are a loose, informal affiliation of folk-based musicians who live in the area of Woodstock, New York, and record occasionally for Rounder Records. Their first album (at which time they had not yet adopted their name) was Mud Acres: Music Among Friends. It was recorded in 1972 and featured Happy Traum, Artie Traum, Maria Muldaur, John Herald, Eric Kaz, Jim Rooney, Bill Keith, Tony Brown, and Lee Berg. Their second album, 1977's More Music from Mud Acres, was credited to "Woodstock Mountains," and featured the Traums, Herald, Rooney, Keith, and Berg, plus Pat Alger, Eric Andersen, Rory Block, Paul Butterfield, Roly Salley, John Sebastian, and Paul Siebel. Their third album, 1978's Pretty Lucky, was the first to be credited to Woodstock Mountain Revue, defined as an eight-member group consisting of the Traums, Herald, Rooney, Keith, Alger, Solley, Larry Campbell, and Caroline Dutton, with special guest Cyndi Cashdollar.
William Ruhlmann, Rovi

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