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Holosud is the combined talents of Joe Zimmerman and Felix Randomiz, both in-house artists of Koln's noteworthy A-Musik label. Randomiz records for A-Musik as F.X. Randomiz, and Zimmerman as Schlammpeitziger; together as Holosud, they record heavily sequenced music exploring by turns the darker and more comic corners of current electronica. Holosud's self-titled debut EP appeared in 1996 and helped make a name for A-Musik as a source of innovative experimental electronic music only vaguely connected to even the most bizarre tangents of post-techno. The group's debut LP, Fijnewas Afpompen, appeared in 1998 and built upon its predecessor by adding goofy melodic elements reminiscent of Randomiz's solo work.
Sean Cooper, Rovi

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