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David Mallett

David Mallett was working on the garden on his family's farm in rural Maine when he was inspired to run into the house, take a pencil and pad, and write a new song. In the decades since, "The Garden Song" has been covered by artists ranging from Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie to John Denver and the Muppets. Besides being translated and recorded in a lengthy list of languages, the song inspired a book, Inch by Inch, published by Harper Collins. Mallett, however, is not limited to just one song. A highly skilled songsmith, Mallett has consistently captured the cold winds and warm hearts of northern New England and the simple life of rural America through his songs. In addition to being featured on Mallett's many albums, his tunes have been covered by a growing list of artists, including Emmylou Harris, who recorded Mallett's "Red Red Rose," and Kathy Mattea, who recorded his "Summer of My Dreams."