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Inner City

The group that took Detroit techno to the masses via the British charts and the world's dancefloors, Inner City was no crossover act -- rather, an intense collaboration between a noted Chicago house vocalist and one of the most influential Detroit producers of the 1980s. Both Paris Grey and Kevin Saunderson were well known for their contributions to the club music of their respective communities well before their 1989 debut album. Saunderson did more to advance techno than anyone except Juan Atkins and Derrick May, through his releases as Tronik House, Reese, E-Dancer, and Essaray; Grey recorded several house classics, including "Don't Make Me Jack." Between the two (and later addition Ann Saunderson, Kevin's wife), Inner City topped dance charts in America and Britain 11 times, hit Britain's Top 40 eight times, and sold over six million records.