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Country, Neo-Traditionalist Country, Contemporary Country

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Only the quietly moving "If I Had Only Known" might be considered a tribute to the members of McEntire's band who died in a 1990 plane crash, but the tragedy creeps into McEntire's voice and her song selection. Throughout the album, McEntire dwells on regrets, unvoiced feelings, and missed chances. The best songs aren't the hits "For My Broken Heart" and "Is There Life out There" but a group of evocative story-songs which unfold slowly, leaving loose threads and developing complex emotional undercurrents. For My Broken Heart may be the strongest album of McEntire's career; it's certainly her most heartbreaking.
Brian Mansfield, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. For My Broken Heart
  2. Is There Life Out There
  3. Bobby
  4. He's in Dallas
  5. All Dressed up (With Nowhere to Go)
  6. The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
  7. Buying Her Roses
  8. The Greatest Man I Never Knew
  9. I Wouldn't Go That Far
  10. If I Had Only Known
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