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Country, Neo-Traditionalist Country, Contemporary Country

Album Review

Recorded as McEntire went through the process of divorce from first husband Charlie Battles, it's understandably heavy on songs about breakups and the uncertainty of the future, "The Stairs" -- about domestic violence -- is particularly moving. Despite her personal pain, she still holds out hope in "Love Will Find Its Way to You."
Tom Roland, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Last One to Know
  2. The Girl Who Has Everything
  3. Just Across the Rio Grande
  4. I Don't Want to Mention Any Names
  5. Someone Else
  6. What You Gonna Do About Me
  7. I Don't Want to Be Alone
  8. The Stairs
  9. Love Will Find Its Way to You
  10. I've Still Got the Love We Made
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