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April 18, 2006
Spoken Word, Comedy, Novelty, Vocal Pop, Cabaret, AM Pop

Album Review

When he burst into public recognition in 1968, people either regarded Tiny Tim as a lovable wacko, or simply a wacko; though Tim's eccentricity seemed both charming and oddly appropriate in the wake of the Summer of Love, despite his long hair and beatific attitude, he was no hippie, but instead an amateur archivist of American popular song who made it his life's crusade to remind people about the joys of the Tin Pan Alley era. In his own odd way, Tiny Tim was one of the first artists of the rock era to celebrate the notion of the Great American songbook, though his fondness for a warbling falsetto delivery, his thrift-store wardrobe, his slightly fey personality, and his championing of the ukulele as his favored means of accompaniment was every bit as anomalous in 1968 as it would be today. While Tiny Tim was (principally) marketed as a novelty act and treated as a joke by many who presented him to the public (one of his most frequent television platforms was on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In), Tim wasn't kidding -- he loved and lived for this music, and he performed it in a historically accurate manner, remaining true to his musical vision right up to the very end (he died in 1996 moments after performing his umpteenth rendition of "Tip-Toe Through the Tulips" for a women's club in Minneapolis.) While Tiny Tim stubbornly continued to record up until his death, far and away his most successful album was his 1968 debut on Reprise Records, God Bless Tiny Tim, in which producer Richard Perry created a thoroughly charming if occasionally outré musical spectacular around the crooner, and he would record two other albums under Perry's tutelage before Reprise pulled the plug on Tim's major label recording career. Ten years after Tiny Tim's death, his work for Reprise has finally made its way to CD in a limited-edition box set from Rhino Handmade, God Bless Tiny Tim: The Complete Reprise Recordings. This three-disc set collects Tim's three Reprise LP's -- God Bless Tiny Tim, the equally charming follow-up Tiny Tim's Second Album, and the uneven children's disc For All My Little Friends -- along with a handful of non-LP singles and a few unreleased tracks. Most interesting for Tiny Tim enthusiasts will be the material on disc three, which features 39 demos in which Tim joyously reels off one song after another, as if he could go on for days on end if there were time and tape enough. The remastering of the audio is splendid, and Barret Hansen (aka Dr. Demento) provides a superb biographical essay for the accompanying booklet. With the possible exception of Ian Whitcomb, there's never been a "one-hit wonder" who has done as much to document the history of American popular music as Tiny Tim, and God Bless Tiny Tim: The Complete Reprise Recordings finally gives him the belated tribute he deserved; anyone with any interest in this strange but gifted artist at the peak of his fame (and his abilities) needs to hop on the internet and get this set while it lasts.
Mark Deming, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Welcome to My Dream
  2. Tip-Toe Thru' the Tulips with Me
  3. Livin' in the Sunlight, Lovin' in the Moonlight
  4. On the Old Front Porch
  5. The Viper
  6. Stay Down Here Where You Belong
  7. Then I'd Be Satisfied with Life
  8. Strawberry Tea
  9. The Other Side
  10. Ever Since You Told Me That You Love Me (I'm a Nut)
  11. Daddy, Daddy, What Is Heaven Like?
  12. The Coming Home Party
  13. Fill Your Heart
  14. I Got You, Babe
  15. This Is All I Ask
  16. Tip-Toe Thru' the Tulips with Me [Single Version]
  17. Bring Back Those Rockabye Baby Days
  18. Hello, Hello
  19. On the Good Ship Lollipop [Single Version]
  20. America I Love You
  21. Mickey the Monkey [Single Version]
  22. I'm a Lonesome Little Raindrop [Single Version]
  23. There'll Always Be England/Bless 'Em All/It's a Long Way to ...
  24. There'll Always Be England/Bless 'Em All/It's a Long Way to ...
  25. Don't Bite the Hand That's Feeding You
  26. What Kind of American Are You?
  27. Why [Promo Stereo Version]
  28. The Spaceship Song
  29. Come to the Ball
  30. My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time
  31. We Love It
  32. When I Walk with You
  33. Community
  34. She's Just Laughing at Me
  35. Have You Seen My Little Sue?
  36. Christopher Brady's Ole Lady
  37. Great Balls of Fire
  38. Neighborhood Children
  39. I Can't Help But Wonder (Where I'm Bound)
  40. It's All Right Now
  41. Down Virginia Way
  42. Medley: I'm Glad I'm a Boy/I'm Glad I'm a Girl/My Hero
  43. As Time Goes By
  44. On the Good Ship Lollipop
  45. Sunshine Cake
  46. Mickey the Monkey
  47. Hot and Cold Water
  48. Two Times a Day
  49. Chickery Chick
  50. Oliphant the Elephant
  51. I'm a Lonesome Little Raindrop
  52. They Always Pick on Me
  53. Aren't You Glad You're You
  54. Sadie the Seal
  55. The Viper
  56. Bill the Buffalo
  57. Remember Your Name and Address
  58. What the World Needs Now Is Love
  59. Frisco Flo [#]
  60. Radio Spot #2 [#]
  61. Meet the Sun Halfway [#]
  62. Radio Spot #3 [#]
  63. Hallelujah, Bless the Peace! [#]
  64. Radio Spot #4 [#]
  65. People Are Strange [#]
  66. Radio Spot #1 [#]
  67. Little Fairy Princess [#]
  68. Bunny Nose
  69. Yum Yum
  70. Who Stole Baby's Bottle?
  71. Little Fairy Princess
  72. Alice Blue Gown
  73. My Daddy Long Legs
  74. Pretty Little Cinderella
  75. I'm a Lonesome Little Raindrop
  76. Hot and Cold Water [Full Length Take of LP Version]
  77. "Tiny's Helpful Hints" [LP Version]
  78. Two Times a Day
  79. Remember Your Name and Address [LP Version]
  80. Mickey the Monkey
  81. Sadie the Seal
  82. Orange the Orangutan
  83. Lina the Laughing Hyena
  84. On the Good Ship Lollipop
  85. The Name Song
  86. Tommy Tax
  87. Hallelujah, Bless the Peace!
  88. Let's Make the World of Tomorrow Today
  89. How to Spell Friendship
  90. "Horror Story - The Lost Job"
  91. They Always Pick on Me
  92. That Hypnotizing Man
  93. That's a Good Girl
  94. She Laughs
  95. School Days
  96. Jim, Jim (I Always Knew That You'd Win)
  97. Stay Home, Little Girl, Stay Home
  98. Oh! The Woman in Room 13
  99. My Song of the Nile
  100. You Were There
  101. Let's Find out Tonight
  102. The American Pioneer
  103. It Took a Good Good Woman
  104. Beloved/Don't You Mind It Honey If the World Goes Wrong
  105. I Can't Behave When You're Around
  106. Bill the Buffalo/"Zoozical Musicals"
  107. I'm a Lonesome Little Raindrop