Album Info

May 16, 2006
Manifesto Records
Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock

Album Review

The first disc of Search for Paradise compiles the complete contents of the three singles the Wedding Present released in support of Take Fountain and adds previously unreleased acoustic versions of the A-sides. True to the band's old form, the B-sides are not disposable but they rarely exceed the quality of the album cuts, and they range from the gnashing "Bad Thing" (harsher than anything on Take Fountain) to the happily slack "Shivers" (as light and loungy as anything on the first Cinerama album). The second disc is a DVD containing the three videos that were released on the DVD single for "I'm from Further North Than You"; two other videos haven't appeared elsewhere, and there's also some behind-the-scenes footage.
Andy Kellman, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Interstate 5
  2. Bad Thing
  3. Snapshots
  4. I'm from Further North Than You
  5. Rekindling
  6. The Girl with the Curious Smile
  7. Nickels and Dimes
  8. I'm from Further North Than You [Klee Remix][*]
  9. Ringway to Seatac
  10. Shivers
  11. American Tan
  12. Interstate 5 [Acoustic Version][#]
  13. I'm from Further North Than You [Acoustic Version][#]
  14. Ringway to Seatac [Acoustic Version][#]
  15. Don't Touch That Dial [Promotional Video][#]
  16. Interstate 5 [Promotional Video]
  17. I'm from Further North Than You [Promotional Video]
  18. Ringway to Seatac [Promotional Video][#]
  19. Perfect Blue [DVD][Live][Version]
  20. Behind the Scenes [DVD][#]