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July 05, 2005
Pop/Rock, Rock & Roll, British Invasion, AM Pop

Album Review

Australian quintet the Easybeats (all of the group's members were actually from Europe and met while living in Sydney) had a knack for writing memorable, melodic songs with a bright, British Invasion-like sound, climaxing in the Shel Talmy-produced "Friday on My Mind," which was an international hit in 1967. In all, the Easybeats released seven studio albums, all of which were reissued on CD by Germany's Repertoire Records in the 1990s, and the label has repackaged the material in various ways since, including as this two-disc, 40-track set that combines the group's various singles (both A- and B-sides) with other odds and ends. There are some great songs here, starting with the early singles "For My Woman" and "She's So Fine," the classic "Friday on My Mind," and later, slightly more experimental tracks like "Heaven and Hell" and "Come In, You'll Get Pneumonia," but there is also a lot of stuff that unfortunately now sounds a bit dated and ordinary. Casual listeners may want to try one of the various single-disc best-of sets on the market instead, and truthfully, Repertoire's own double-disc, 56-track Definitive Collection from 1996 does a much better job of presenting the group's history in depth.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. For My Woman
  2. Say That You're Mine
  3. She's So Fine
  4. Old Oak Tree
  5. Wedding Ring
  6. Me or You
  7. Sad Lonely and Blue
  8. Easy As Can Be
  9. Woman (Make You Feel Alright)
  10. In My Book
  11. Come and See Her
  12. I Can See
  13. Sorry
  14. Funny Feeling
  15. Friday On My Mind
  16. Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It
  17. Who'll Be the One
  18. Do You Have a Soul
  19. Saturday Night
  20. Heaven and Hell
  21. Pretty Girl
  22. Falling Off the Edge of the World
  23. Remember Sam
  24. Music Goes Round My Head
  25. Come in You'll Get Pneumonia
  26. Good Times
  27. Hello How Are You
  28. Music Goes Round My Head
  29. Land of Make Believe
  30. We All Live Happily
  31. Lay Me Down & Die (Instrumental)
  32. See Line Woman
  33. I Can't Stand It
  34. St Louis
  35. Can't Find Love
  36. Rock 'N' Roll Boogie
  37. Woman You're on My Mind
  38. Peculiar Hole in the Sky
  39. Hp Man
  40. Who Are My Friends
  41. Pretty Girl
  42. Falling off the Edge of the World
  43. Remember Sam
  44. The Music Goes Round My Head
  45. Come in, You'll Get Pneumonia
  46. Good Times
  47. Hello, How Are You
  48. The Music Goes Round My Head [Version]
  49. The Land of Make Believe
  50. We All Live Happily
  51. Lay Me Down and Die [Instrumental]
  52. See Line Woman
  53. I Can't Stand It
  54. St. Louis
  55. Can't Find Love
  56. Rock 'N Roll Boogie
  57. Woman You're on My Mind
  58. Peculiar Hole in the Sky
  59. H.P. Man
  60. (Who Are My) Friends