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November 02, 2004
Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Prog-Rock, British Metal

Album Review

If it wasn't for the appalling sound that regularly seems to escape this label's quality control department, it would be difficult to describe Out of the Cage into the Vault as anything but a masterpiece. Partially reprising the earlier Heavier Than Air collection, four CDs essentially serve up the alternate history of the Greatest Living Welsh Band, capturing Budgie in concert and in session at various key junctures between 1972 (a John Peel radio session and a BBC In Concert broadcast) and 1982 (when they blew away all contenders at that summer's Reading Festival) via the Friday Rock Show, and gigs in London in 1974, L.A. in 1978, and Reading again in 1980. Here, too, every key Budgie number is given a steamrolling workout, with such stone cold classics as "Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman," "Hot as a Docker's Armpit," and "Napoleon Bona Part 1 & 2" not only equaling, but sometimes eclipsing their studio-bound counterparts. Ah, but the sound lets the side down again and again. The BBC material is superb, but the live recordings are "listenable" at best, and abysmal by the time you get to the festival dates -- there is a market for hiss-heavy cassette tapes, recorded from the far end of a windy field, but a none-too-cheap CD box set may not be it. At the same time, however, when the box is good, it's as amazing as only Budgie could be, and if the preponderance of later (post-Bandolier) recordings maybe puts you off, don't let it. Unlike a lot of the older bands reinvigorated by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Budgie remained impeccable.
Dave Thompson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Rape of the Locks
  2. Rocking Man
  3. Young Is a World
  4. Hot as a Dockers Armpit
  5. Sky High Percentage
  6. In the Grip of a Tyrefitters Hand
  7. Who Do You Want For Your Love
  8. I Turned a Stone
  9. You're a Superstar
  10. She Used Me Up
  11. Hot as a Dockers Armpit
  12. The Author
  13. Whiskey River
  14. Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman
  15. Breadfan
  16. You're the Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk
  17. Hammer and Tongs
  18. Zoom Club
  19. Melt the Ice Away
  20. In the Grip of a Tyrefitters Hand
  21. Smile Boy Smile
  22. In For the Kill
  23. Love For You and Me
  24. Parents
  25. Who Do You Want For Your Love
  26. Don't Dilute the Water
  27. Breaking All the House Rules
  28. Breaking All the House Rules
  29. Crime Against the World
  30. Napolean Bona Part One & Part Two
  31. Forearm Smash
  32. Panzer Division Destroyed!
  33. Wildfire
  34. Breadfan (Lost Edit. Not Transmitted!)
  35. Forearm Smash
  36. Crime Against the World
  37. I Turned to Stone
  38. Truth Drug
  39. Superstar
  40. She Used Me Up
  41. Panzer Division Destroyed!