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Pop/Rock, Rock & Roll

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An apparent CD reissue of the Big Bopper's 1958 LP (though, if the liner notes on Rhino's best-of are accurate, it's missing at least a couple of songs that were on the original vinyl version). The 19-track Rhino compilation has all of these songs, although Chantilly Lace is apt to retail for a lower price. Which begs the question: If you're enough of a collector to want some Big Bopper on CD, why settle for half as many tracks just to save a few bucks?
Richie Unterberger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Chantilly Lace
  2. Pink Petticoats
  3. The Clock
  4. Walking Through My Dreams
  5. Someone Watching Over You
  6. Big Bopper's Wedding
  7. Little Red Riding Hood
  8. Preacher and the Bear
  9. It's the Truth Ruth
  10. White Lightning
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