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April 13, 2004
EMI Music Distribution
Pop/Rock, British Invasion, AM Pop

Album Review

Another in EMI's admirable roundups of Sandie Shaw's foreign-language recordings, this German selection -- titled for the Eurovision smash "Puppet on a String" -- echoes its Italian- and Spanish-language cousins in tracking down every known recording she made in that tongue, regardless of whether or not it was a hit, a completist approach that can only be admired. That said, this is surely the weakest of all Shaw's journeys into Linguaphone land, if only because German itself does not seem to suit her natural singing voice -- and her efforts to come to grips with it sound forced and false. Indeed, there are moments where one is reminded not of one of Britain's finest-ever female singers, gallantly appealing to her northern European audience, but of the humorist Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, translating their own "Mr. Apollo" into the same language. At the same time, however, if you've already bought the others in the series, you'll be buying this one as well. You really won't want that gap in your collection, will you?
Dave Thompson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Einmal Glücklich Sein Wie Die Andern (There's Always Something ...)
  2. Ohne Dich (Don't You Know)
  3. Das Ist Unmöglich (You Can't Blame Him)
  4. Du Weisst Nichts von Deinem Glück (Long Live Love)
  5. Man Hat Mir Erzählt (I've Heard About Him)
  6. Mir Is Alles Klar (Message Understood)
  7. Und So Was Nennst Du Nun Liebe (I Don't Need That Kind of Lovin')
  8. Wir Seh'n Uns Ja Wieder
  9. Ich Denke an Morgen (Tomorrow)
  10. Wiedehopf Im Mai (Puppet on a String)
  11. Was Kann Ich Dafür (Had a Dream Last Night)
  12. Du Bist Wunderbar (You've Not Changed)
  13. Dein Anderes Gesicht (You've Been Seeing Her Again)
  14. Stop (Stop)
  15. Heute (Today)
  16. London (London)
  17. An Jenem Tag (Those Were the Days)
  18. Du Lügst So Wunderbar (One More Lie)
  19. Mein Fischlein in Dem See (Every Day)
  20. Ich Sage Stop! (Think It All Over)
  21. Du Hast Niemals Zeit für Mich (Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere)
  22. Das Grosse Glück Bist Du (I Must Be Lucky)
  23. Alles, Was Ich Will, Ist Deine Leibe (Heaven Knows I'm Missing Him Now)
  24. Die Ganz Kleinen Dinge Nur (So Many Things to Do)
  25. Du Kommst Morgen (By Tomorrow)
  26. Dadurch Erst Wird Alles Schön (Maple Village)
  27. Durch die Kraft und Herrlichkeit (Show Your Face)
  28. Hello Bambino [From Sommerwind]
  29. Sommerwind [From Sommerwind]