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September 23, 2003
Acoustic Disc

Album Review

One of the first things one notices when popping this Acoustic Disc album into the CD changer is the clean, natural production. A mandolin on the right track, another on the left, and a guitar in the center, all lovingly mixed for clarity and a solid acoustic sound. This same careful approach is obvious from the opening notes of the first piece, "Hartford's Real," on Hold On, We're Strummin'. Bush and Grisman's mandolins tease out a minute-and-a-half intro, each note coming forth bright and clean, before guitarist Jack Lawrence and bassist Jim Kerwin join in. This love of a resonant, full-bodied acoustic sound extends to the quality and diversity of the instruments both players choose. On "Swamp Thing," Bush utilizes a National mandolin and Grisman a mandocello; on "Old Time Medley," Bush plays fiddle and Grisman banjo. Of course, the fresh sound and eclecticism would matter little without inspiration, so luckily both pickers seem in their element on Hold On, We're Strummin'. There are fun, free-flowing pieces like "Sea Breeze" and lovely, relaxed ones like "Jamgrass 741," both filled with smooth instrumental interchanges and quiet energy. Several pieces are bolstered by slightly larger arrangements, adding a guitarist and/or bassist for a bigger sound and variety. With inspired performances, a number of original compositions, and an exquisite acoustic sound, Grisman and Bush have created a fine album suitable for new acoustic fans and anyone with discerning taste.
Ronnie D. Lankford Jr., Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Hartford's Real
  2. Swamp Thing
  3. Intimo
  4. Jamgrass 741
  5. Sea Breeze
  6. Old Time Medley
  7. Weeping Mandolin Waltz
  8. Arachnid Stomp
  9. Crusher and Hoss
  10. The Old South
  11. Mando Space
  12. Ralph's Banjo Special
  13. 'Cept Old Bill
  14. Rhythm Twins
  15. Dan'l Boone
  16. Hold On! I'm Comin'
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