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Pop/Rock, British Invasion, Psychedelic, British Folk, Psychedelic Pop, Folk-Rock, British Psychedelia, Children's Folk

Album Review

Rock music's first two-LP box set, A Gift from a Flower to a Garden overcomes its original shortcomings and stands out as a prime artifact of the flower-power era that produced it. The music still seems a bit fey, and overall more spacy than the average Moody Blues album of this era, but the sheer range of subjects and influences make this a surprisingly rewarding work. Essentially two albums recorded simultaneously in the summer of 1967, the electric tracks include Jack Bruce among the session players. The acoustic tracks represent an attempt by Donovan to get back to his old sound and depart from the heavily electric singles ("Sunshine Superman," etc.) and albums he'd been doing -- it is folkier and bluesier (in an English folk sense) than much of his recent work.
Bruce Eder, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Wear Your Love Like Heaven
  2. Mad John's Escape
  3. Skip-A-Long Sam
  4. Sun
  5. There Was a Time
  6. Oh Gosh
  7. Little Boy in Corduroy
  8. Under the Greenwood Tree
  9. The Land of Doesn't Have to Be
  10. Someone Singing
  11. Song of the Naturalist's Wife
  12. The Enchanted Gypsy
  13. Voyage into the Golden Screen
  14. Isle of Islay
  15. The Mandolin Man and His Secret
  16. Lay of the Last Tinker
  17. The Tinker and the Crab
  18. Widow With Shawl (A Portrait)
  19. The Lullaby of Spring
  20. The Magpie
  21. Starfish-On-The-Toast
  22. Epistle to Derroll
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