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Pop/Rock, Synth Pop, Punk/New Wave, New Wave

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Capitol Records released Thomas Dolby's debut album, The Golden Age of Wireless, in May 1982, and it was ignored. But when Dolby came up with a catchy new track called "She Blinded Me With Science," Capitol borrowed some songs from the LP, added "Science," and released this five-track "mini-LP" in January 1983. The single (backed by an MTV-friendly video) took off into the Top 10, and in March Capitol issued a revised version of The Golden Age Of Wireless with the single added to it, thus making this record redundant. Nevertheless, it encapsulates Dolby synth-pop style particularly well -- so well, in fact, that 12 years later, when Capitol came to release the Dolby hits collection Retrospectacle, they used four of the five tracks here.
William Ruhlmann, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Hyperactive!!/id696502055?i=696502060&uo=5&at=11l9vR
  2. She Blinded Me With Science
  3. I Scare Myself
  4. The Key To Her Ferrari
  5. The Flat Earth
  6. Mulu the Rain Forest
  7. Europa and the Pirate Twins
  8. The Ability To Swing
  9. Radio Silence
  10. Cloudburst At Shingle Street
  11. Windpower
  12. Screen Kiss
  13. White City
  14. Airhead
  15. Hot Sauce
  16. May the Cube Be With You
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