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Orpheus Records
Rap, Gangsta Rap, G-Funk, West Coast Rap

Album Review

The third and commercially most successful album by Los Angeles rappers Compton's Most Wanted contained such terse narratives as "Dead Men Tell No Lies" and "Hit the Floor." If there hadn't been such an abundance of similar material in the early '90s, these tales might have triggered intense scrutiny and analysis. Instead, the most common response is that MC Eiht's raps aren't quite as loose or expressive as those of Spice 1, Ice Cube, Nas, or many others telling identical stories.
Ron Wynn, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Hit the Floor
  3. Hood Took Me Under
  4. Jack Mode
  5. Compton 4 Life
  6. 8 Is Enough
  7. Duck Sick II
  8. Dead Men Tell No Lies
  9. N 2 Deep
  10. Who's ****ing Who?
  11. This Is a Gang
  12. Hood Rat
  13. Niggaz Strugglin
  14. I Gots ta Get Over
  15. U's a Bitch
  16. Another Victim
  17. Def Wish II
  18. Music to Driveby
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