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June 04, 2002
Country, Old-Timey, Traditional Country, Bluegrass

Album Review

Norman Blake will never be known as a revolutionary. His starkly honest guitar picking and gently lulling voice have sounded almost exactly the same for the 30-some years that the Rounder release Old Ties encompasses. Often performing solo, occasionally accompanied by his wife, Nancy, and any of a number of bluegrass and neo-traditional folk musicians (Tut Taylor, Charlie Collins, Doc Watson), Blake's summery, porch-swing ballads and blues are perfectly performed and humbly executed. Working with the traditional themes of old-timey folk music, Blake re-creates the earthy feel of a timeworn classic the first time a song emerges from his guitar, and his unpretentious, reverent style delivers the music in an intimate environment. The compilation sticks to his more traditional-sounding compositions and interpretations, making for a wonderful afternoon listen and the perfect introduction to Blake's uniquely faithful style. Although his musical offerings may never be seen as revolutionary, his unwillingness to change to a more contemporary mode of folk music may be a kind of revolution...if anyone wanted to argue about it. Luckily, with music this pure, no one does.
Zac Johnson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Spanish Fandango
  2. Church St. Blues
  3. Sleepy Eyed Joe/Indian Creek
  4. O'Malley's Tune [#]
  5. Fifty Miles of Elbow Room
  6. Down Home Summertime Blues
  7. Blind Dog
  8. Fiddler's Dram/Whiskey Before Breakfast
  9. Old Ties
  10. Lost Indian
  11. Ginseng Sullivan
  12. Obc, No. 3
  13. Prettiest Little Girl in the Country
  14. Uncle
  15. Bristol in the Bottle
  16. Billy Gray
  17. The Fields of November
  18. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
  19. Randall Collins/Done Gone
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