Album Info

Diablo (UK)
Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Northern Soul, Chicago Soul, Pop-Soul

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Track Listing

  1. Someone Else's Arms
  2. After You
  3. Is It Me?
  4. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)
  5. What's It Gonna Be
  6. More
  7. He's Just a Little Guy
  8. More Today Than Yesterday
  9. Spinning Wheel
  10. More Ways Than One
  11. You've Been in Love Too Long
  12. I Did It
  13. I Can't Do My Thing
  14. I'm Living With a Memory
  15. Make the Man Love You
  16. I'll Bake Me a Man
  17. I Call It Trouble
  18. Lady, Lady, Lady
  19. Portrait of a Broken Heart
  20. Stop, Look and Listen (To Your Heart)
  21. It's a Groovy Idea