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September 11, 2001
Black & Blue
Blues, Texas Blues, Modern Electric Blues, Acoustic Blues, Piano Blues, Electric Texas Blues, Chicago Blues, Electric Chicago Blues, Harmonica Blues, Electric Harmonica Blues, Detroit Blues, Electric Blues, Soul-Blues, Electric Delta Blues, Delta Blues, Modern Electric Chicago Blues, Modern Electric Texas Blues, Regional Blues, Slide Guitar Blues

Album Review

Chicago Blues Festival: 1969-1986 covers almost 20 years, looking back at some of the Chicago Blues Festival's more noteworthy moments. There's plenty of music here -- five discs and 77 songs. And there's more than enough big-name talent: John Lee Hooker, Eddie Taylor, Gatemouth Brown, Johnny Shines, Jimmy Dawkins, Otis Rush, Little Mack, Buster Benton, Lafayette Leake, and many more. This collection features mulitple performances by each of the featured artists, usually two to five performances per artist. If you're a blues fanatic, it doesn't get much better than this collection -- great music by great performers at a great festival in a great city for blues.
Jason Birchmeier, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Boom Boom
  2. I Believe My Baby's Gone
  3. Domestic Nurse Blues
  4. Can Do It
  5. Early in the Morning
  6. Mojo
  7. Miss Dirty Gurty Blues
  8. Big Town Play Boy
  9. Ride 'Em on Down
  10. Hot-Club Drive
  11. Levee Blues
  12. Your Love
  13. Blues Ain't Nothing
  14. Off Business
  15. That's Enough
  16. If I Get Lucky
  17. Rock Me Baby
  18. Abide My Wish
  19. Back to the Steel Mill
  20. Woman Don't Lie
  21. Back Door Man
  22. A Long Time
  23. Freight Train
  24. Big Fine Girl
  25. Love Me to Death
  26. Wonder Why
  27. Worry Blues
  28. The Last Time
  29. You're So Sweet
  30. Hoo-Doo Man
  31. Hungry
  32. I Got to Quit My Baby
  33. Mean Atlantic Ocean
  34. It Serves You Right to Suffer
  35. How Long Blues
  36. Looking Back
  37. Tell Me Woman
  38. Sweet Home Chicago
  39. Big Leg Woman
  40. You Mistreated Me
  41. Blue Lights
  42. Don't Forget
  43. Happy With My French Friends
  44. Lonesome in My Bedroom
  45. She's My Babe
  46. Need a Friend
  47. Take a Fool Advice
  48. Key to the Highway
  49. Love Me Papa
  50. Man or Mouse
  51. I'm Mad
  52. The Sky Is Crying
  53. Dust My Broom
  54. Feel So Blue
  55. Blue Shadows
  56. One Eyed Woman
  57. West Helena Blues [#]
  58. Leave Your Love in Greater Hands
  59. She's Light and Low
  60. Ramblin' on My Mind
  61. My Heart Is Achin' to Love You
  62. J.B.'s Crawl
  63. The Best Piece of Chicken I Ever Had I Stole It
  64. Money Is the Name of the Game
  65. Memories of Jimmy
  66. If You're Not Mine
  67. Heap See
  68. When My First Wife Quit Me
  69. My Babe
  70. The Same Thing
  71. I Tried
  72. Addressing the Nation With the Blues
  73. This Little Voice
  74. Mojo Hand
  75. You're Breaking My Heart
  76. In the State Highway
  77. This Old House