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August 15, 2000
Pop/Rock, Country-Rock, Psychobilly, Alternative/Indie Rock, Rockabilly

Album Review

Every great songwriter has their great subject, and Hasil Adkins -- rock legend, one-man band, and creator of America's slowest-rising new dance craze, "the Hunch" -- is no exception. A perusal of Adkins' back catalog reveals that "the Haze" is a man who loves his chicken, and for this set the like-minded lunatics at Norton Records have combined six new recordings with highlights from Adkins' previous albums (and a few vintage unreleased cuts) to create Poultry in Motion, a collection of 15 songs about chicken (discussed both as barnyard friends and as part of a well-balanced diet). You get "Chicken Walk," its cousin "Chicken Twist," the manic "Chicken Hunch," no fewer than three takes of "Chicken Hop" (one with previously undocumented West Virginia R&B act the Dynamiters), the warped but soulful "Chicken Blues," and "Chicken on the Bone" in which Adkins repeatedly mentions McDonalds. As a concept album, this approaches a level of genius rarely witnessed since either Tommy by the Who or We're in a Band by the New Duncan Imperials, and it's encouraging to report that the new tunes are just as wild and wondrously incoherent as the stuff the Haze bashed out in the 1950s. Wild, primitive, and primal rock & roll that's tasty either baked or deep fried -- just add beverages and you've got a meal!
Mark Deming, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Chicken Walk
  2. Chicken Hunch 1999
  3. Chicken Hop
  4. Chicken Run
  5. Chicken Wobble
  6. Cookin' Chicken
  7. Chicken Flop 1986
  8. Chicken Hop
  9. Chicken Shake 1991
  10. Chicken Blues 1999
  11. Pick That Chicken 1999
  12. Chicken Twist 1962
  13. Chicken on the Bone
  14. Chicken Walk
  15. Chicken Hop
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