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Pop/Rock, Dance-Pop, Adult Contemporary, Teen Pop

Album Review

Said and Done is a humble debut for the Irish lads who would grab the crown as Take That's successor both musically and chart-wise. Boyzone uses an older methodology in getting their message across; with classy instrumentals and ultra simplistic chords, they are hardly what one would expect from a boy band. The album includes their early hits "Key to My Life," which has an uncanny resemblance to religious worship songs, a cover of Cat Stevens' bittersweet "Father and Son," and the peppy tribute to Osmonds' "Love Me For a Reason." For fans of their American counterparts the album will lack "oomph" and sound better suited for the elderly. Boyzone may be low on flashiness but they are ripe with appeal. Pop fans who choose style over substance should keep in mind that novelty sounds best in its early season and in the end only music with a pure core survives. Boyzone owns that purity, thanks largely to their lead vocalist Ronan Keating whose voice is unique, rich in tone and range. Said and Done is not showy, but because of its gentle romanticism and sweet sound it brought the group mountains of recognition.
Peter Fawthrop, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Together
  2. Together
  3. Coming Home Now
  4. Coming Home Now
  5. Love Me for a Reason
  6. Love Me For a Reason
  7. Oh Carol
  8. Oh Carol
  9. When All Is Said and Done
  10. When All Is Said and Done
  11. So Good
  12. So Good
  13. Can't Stop Me
  14. Can't Stop Me
  15. I'll Be There
  16. I'll Be There
  17. Key to My Life
  18. Key to My Life
  19. If You Were Mine
  20. If You Were Mine
  21. Arms of Mary
  22. Arms of Mary
  23. Believe in Me
  24. Believe in Me
  25. Father and Son
  26. Father and Son
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