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June 01, 1977
Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Motown

Album Review

In My Stride is the final Van McCoy/David Ruffin collaboration. McCoy surrounded Ruffin's harsh, expressive tenor with strings, horns, New York studio musicians, and Faith, Hope & Charity's slick backing vocals. So much to choose from... "You're My Peace of Mind" is a deceptive groover, accented by an electric harmonica; "Questions" is an unsung gem, Ruffin at his pleading, inquisitive best. On the ballad side, "Just Let Me Hold You For a Night" is a majestic production and one of David's best leads, a gripper from the first note. But there's more: "Hey Woman" and "Rode By the Place (Where We Used to Stay)" are mature, introspective heartache sagas. It's about time Motown did us a favor and compiled all the Ruffin/McCoy sides on one CD package.
Andrew Hamilton, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. You're My Peace of Mind
  2. Just Let Me Hold You for a Night
  3. I Can't Stop the Rain
  4. Nightmare
  5. Questions
  6. I'm Jealous
  7. Hey Woman
  8. There's More to Love
  9. Rode by the Place (Where We Used to Stay)