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January 18, 2000
Kill Rock Stars
Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock

Album Review

Well, here's a somewhat unexpected CD. Three songs each from two pop faves who float just a bit beneath the radar of the elusive star-making tastes of America's mass audience. First up is Boston's Mary Lou, whose God-given way with cover songs involves a propensity for diluting nearly any song she chooses; she's a musical food processor with one speed: liquefy. A prime example is the way she smoothes the edge right off of Lucinda Williams' "Hard Road," transforming it from a savory Southern pecan pie to a cutesy, gelatinous marshmallow puff. Her short list of original compositions isn't added to here either; Lord's three songs, including the aforementioned "Hard Road," are all covers. Sean Na Na fares a bit better, scoring one of his biggest hits here with "Princess and the Pony," a charismatic song in which Tillman ruminates on his eventual funeral party blowout. Tillman also tries his hand at songwriter "Lucky" Jeremy Allen's "My Old France," arranging a full band around Allen's spare, acoustic song.
Bryan Carroll, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Bang Bang
  2. Hard Road
  3. Aim Low
  4. Princess and the Pony
  5. Stretch Marks
  6. My Old France
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