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May 11, 1999
No Limit Records
Rap, Gangsta Rap, Dirty South, West Coast Rap, G-Funk

Album Review

As time keeps on slipping into the future, it becomes apparent that Master P's greatest gift is marketing, particularly when his advertising masquerades as liner notes. Witness P's work for Snoop Dogg, once considered the brightest rapper of the '90s but now merely a general in the No Limit army. The Master began plugging Top Dogg, Snoop's second No Limit release, in the liners for his label debut, even mentioning a release date only months away. Clearly, Snoop had indeed been placed on the No Limit production line, and there was every indication that from now on, Snoop would churn out moderately enjoyable, Dirty South-lite records crammed with cameos and appropriated hooks. Turns out he had a trick up his sleeve, because Top Dogg is about as individualized an album as possible under the No Limit precepts. Since the outset of his career, Snoop has shown a fondness for early-'80s synth funk, and for the first time, he lets that form the basis of an album. And while there may be a bit too much recycling for some tastes, the end result isn't just the freshest-sounding Snoop album since his debut, it's easily the freshest-sounding No Limit album. Unfortunately, it's still a No Limit album, which means it runs way too long and is filled with superfluous, even irritating cameos, and also that Snoop is content to haul out low-rent gangsta clich├ęs. Since he's a gifted rapper, he makes the dope 'n' crimes, sex 'n' violence rhymes go down easily (compare his delivery to some of his guests if you have any doubts), but his lyrics just aren't as clever as they were five years earlier. But records don't have to be deep; they can be appreciated as a pure sonic experience, and taken on that level, Top Dogg satisfies.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Dolomite (Intro)
  2. Buck 'Em
  3. Trust Me
  4. My Heat Goes Boom
  5. Dolomite
  6. Snoopafella
  7. In Love with a Thug
  8. G Bedtime Stories
  9. Down 4 My N's
  10. Betta Days
  11. Somethin Bout Yo Bidness
  12. Bitch Please
  13. Doin' Too Much
  14. Gangsta Ride
  15. Ghetto Symphony
  16. Party With a D.P.G.
  17. Buss 'N Rocks
  18. Just Dippin'
  19. Don't Tell
  20. 20 Minutes
  21. I Love My Momma
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