Album Info

October 27, 1998
A-Zap Records
Avant-Garde, Alternative/Indie Rock, Noise-Rock, Experimental Rock

Album Review

For this Japanese underground rock unit, the approach to ensemble playing seems designed to mimic the noise of kids playing records backwards or 33-rpm records at a 45-rpm speed. The schizophrenic sound is stylistically similar to Atari Teenage Riot, the Boredoms, and Ruins, as they frantically assault music as we know it over the course of an album with no apparent purpose other than to excite pure adrenaline and the punk in all of us. Charlie features guests Mike Patton, Trevor Dunn, William Winant, Gregg Turkington, and others making all-star cameos.
Martin Walters, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Introduction for Charlie
  2. Circle-Jack (Chase the Magic Words, Lego Lego)
  3. Spathic!!
  4. Tapir's Flown Away
  5. F.D.C. for Short
  6. Taen Taen Taen (?)
  7. Cannot
  8. Area 877 [Phoenix Mix]
  9. Giggle on the Stretcher
  10. Section Eight
  11. Drug Store
  12. Stimulus for Revolting Virus
  13. Excess
  14. Chipped Zoo on the Wall, Wastes in the Sky...
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