Album Info

April 07, 1998
Jet Records
Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady, Roots Reggae

Album Review

You're not likely to go wrong with anything the mighty Leslie Kong laid his hands on. This master producer gave the work of such greats as the Wailers, the Melodians and the Maytals a gritty immediacy that makes them the best reggae ever recorded. This compilation, spanning the years 1969-71, features great tracks by the aforementioned bands, as well as the Pioneers on a funky "Trouble Deh A Bush" and Ken Boothe skanking easy on "Keep My Love From Fading." This is steady rockin' stuff.
Tim Sheridan, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Trouble Deh a Bush
  2. Soul Sister
  3. Show Me the Way
  4. Keep My Love from Fading
  5. Back Out
  6. Someday I Will Be Free
  7. Bitterness of Life
  8. Walk With Love
  9. It's Gonna Take a Miracle
  10. Rock It With Me
  11. Got to Get Away
  12. Stop the Train
  13. I'm the One
  14. Battle of the Giants
  15. African Doctor
  16. Now I Know
  17. Be Yours
  18. It's My Delight
  19. It's All in the Game
  20. Rivers of Babylon