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Electronica, Experimental Electronic, Experimental, Alternative/Indie Rock, Dark Ambient, Industrial

Album Review

The use of the word gold in the album title is ironic, since a collection of outtakes and leftovers is generally considered to weigh in well under the gold scale. With a group such as the evolving Coil collaboration, however, there's the chance that a well-conceived collection of archive material could have quite a positive impact, whatever the relative status of individual tracks in terms of what projects they were first created for. Rejected material can become a highlight out of a combination of whatever unusual aspects already exist in a piece as well as the dramatic impact of a newly conceived program flow. Gold Is the Metal is a great example of this since the individual tracks continually present challenges to the listener combined with a sonic magnetism. Pieces seem kooky, out of shape, or severe, but no desire to skip any of the offerings results. In contrast the music is consistently engaging, the performers projecting a kind of lust for gorgeously sound-packed tracks as well as moments of eccentric distraction.
Eugene Chadbourne, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The Last Rites of Spring
  2. Paradisiac
  3. Thump
  4. For Us They Will
  5. The Broken Wheel
  6. Boy in a Suitcase
  7. Golden Hole
  8. Cardinal Points
  9. Red Slur
  10. ...of Free Enterprise
  11. Aqua Regalia
  12. Metal in the Head
  13. Either His, or Yours
  14. Chickenskin
  15. Soundtrap
  16. Hellraiser
  17. The Wheel
  18. The First Five Minutes After Violent Death