Album Info

July 29, 1997
Rap, Hardcore Rap

Album Review

Busta Rhymes certainly found a legitimate member for his Flipmode Squad in cousin Rampage, as he shows on his 1997 album release. Music from Lord Have Mercy, Rampage, Spliff Star, and of course Busta himself set them up to be a major player among the top crews in hip-hop, such as the Wu-Tang Clan, Boot Camp Clik, and D.I.T.C. On this album, a young Rampage is presented with some of the best production work done so far by Flipmode, and his flow works well with the beats. Lyrically, he has a simplified style of rapping without much wordplay, standing out more on the tracks where he's telling a story. The hypnotic piano on "Wild for the Night" easily makes for the best track on the album, but "Conquer Da World" and "Get the Money and Dip" are definite bangers.
Brad Mills, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Flipmode Iz da Squad
  3. Da Night B4 My Shit Drop
  4. Talk of the Town
  5. Get the Money and Dip
  6. The Set Up
  7. Wild for da Night
  8. Flipmode Enemy #1
  9. Take It to the Streets
  10. Conquer da World
  11. Hall of Fame
  12. Niggaz Iz Bad
  13. We Getz Down [Remix]
  14. Ramage Outro [Medley]