Album Info

July 16, 1991
Orpheus Records
Rap, Gangsta Rap, West Coast Rap, Golden Age

Album Review

Compton's Most Wanted's second CD got more sullen, combative, and sexist in its language and themes than their debut. Where "Duck Sick" and "It's a Compton Thang" at least had some swagger and a taste of humor to offset the posturing, "Can I Kill It?" and "Compton's Lynchin'" were more surly, while "Gangsta Shot Out" and "Growin' Up in the Hood" were fatalistic and "Raised in Compton" despairing rather than informative. Only "Mike T's Funky Scratch" sounded a lighter note, and that was due to its being a declaration of rap prowess rather than street superiority.
Ron Wynn, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. They Still Gafflin
  3. Growin' Up in the Hood
  4. Wanted
  5. Straight Checkn 'Em
  6. I Don't Dance
  7. Raised in Compton
  8. Driveby Miss Daisy
  9. Def Wish
  10. Compton's Lynchin
  11. Mike T's Funky Scratch
  12. Can I Kill It?
  13. Gangsta Shot Out
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