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September 09, 1994
Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Experimental Rock

Album Review

F.M. Einheit, the machinist for Germany's Einsturzende Neubauten, is a regular collaborator with Andreas Ammer, who adapted the text for this radio-drama-meets-medieval-poetry version of Dante's "Inferno." Featuring the vocal talents of Phil Minton, Blixa Bargeld, and radio DJ John Peel, this makes for a surprisingly good adaptation. Blixa's shrieks and whistles harmonize nicely with the amazing vocal range Minton possesses; their path is described by Peel's archetypal radio DJ voice. A good portion of Neubaten shows up to provide instrumentation for the fray, an odd sound sculpture drawing elements from both media-manipulation sound sculpting and old-fashioned experimental rock. The tone varies wildly at times, jumping from a grinding industrial beat to an operatic soprano and back, but musical themes are woven throughout, giving the piece a continuity it needs. The adaptation by Ammer is excellent, straying from the text where appropriate but maintaining the tone of the whole quite well. One of the better examples of what experimental music can produce in an accessible vein.
Joshua Landau, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Canto I
  2. Canto II
  3. Canto III
  4. Canto IV
  5. Canto V
  6. Canto VI
  7. Canto VII
  8. Canto VIII
  9. Canto IX
  10. Canto X
  11. Canto XI
  12. Canto XII
  13. Canto XIII
  14. Canto XIV
  15. Canto XV
  16. Canto XVI
  17. Canto XVII
  18. Canto XVIII
  19. Canto XIX
  20. Canto XX
  21. Canto XXI
  22. Canto XXII
  23. Canto XXIII
  24. Canto Xxiv
  25. Canto XXV
  26. Canto Xxvi
  27. Canto Xxvii
  28. Canto Xxviii
  29. Canto Xxix
  30. Canto XXX
  31. Canto Xxxi
  32. Canto Xxxii
  33. Canto Xxxiii
  34. Canto Xxxiv
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