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May 09, 1995
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Soundtracks can be very difficult to assess when they aren't various-artists compilations, especially when one considers that the music is written specifically to create a mood for a visual scene. In that sense, it seems that the music should be assessed in relation to the film; however, the film's visuals do not accompany the CD. This music on this CD was designed to accompany a horror film, and so this particular soundtrack is full of atmospheric sounds created, for the most part, on synthesizers. The real treat for the listener is when Dave Davies is allowed to spotlight his brilliant guitar playing. Davies is a very talented guitarist, and this is especially demonstrated on tracks such as "The Funeral" and "The Fair," both heartbreakingly beautiful with incredible melodies. John Carpenter is a surprisingly good keyboardist and creates some very interesting sounds and melodies. The album is instrumental, with the exception of a "reading" from Mark Hamill which is not only pointless, but out of place on this CD. The songs tend to blend into each other, with few differences. Although there are some strong highlights, this particular CD would be of interest primarily to Kinks/Davies collectors.
Aaron Badgley, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. March of the Children
  2. Children's Carol
  3. Angel of Death
  4. Daybreak
  5. The Fair
  6. The Children's Theme
  7. Ben's Death
  8. The Funeral
  9. Midwich Shuffle
  10. Baptism
  11. Burning Desire
  12. Welcome Home, Ben
  13. The Brick Wall
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