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Pop/Rock, American Trad Rock, Jam Bands, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Blues-Rock

Album Review

"I have my moments," John Popper declares, and many of them -- as harmonica player, singer, and lyricist -- are here, on an album that finds Blues Traveler stretching out much as they do on-stage. Popper is a man with a lot on his mind, but when he reaches "The Best Part," his verbosity approaches a Walt Whitman-like exuberance, and guitarist Chan Kinchla is right with him, contributing sweet fills here, Pete Townshend-style strumming there. And as for the rhythm work of bassist Bobby Sheehan and drummer Brendan Hill, as Popper says, "It's all in the groove."
William Ruhlmann, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The Tiding
  2. Onslaught
  3. Ivory Tusk
  4. What's for Breakfast
  5. I Have My Moments
  6. Optimistic Thought
  7. The Best Part
  8. Sweet Pain
  9. All in the Groove
  10. Support Your Local Emperor
  11. Bagheera
  12. Mountain Cry