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Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Psychedelic, Doo Wop, Early Pop/Rock, Brill Building Pop, Folk-Rock, AM Pop, Folk-Pop, Sunshine Pop

Album Review

Jackie DeShannon has quite a musical legacy. Her early singles crafted doo wop to intelligent lyrics. She toured with the Beatles in 1964 and more than held her own. She wrote songs with Randy Newman. She was among the first artists to realize that folk and pop could work together and was a behind-the-scenes innovator in the creation of folk-rock. And she did it all with style and grace, singing with a sexy, husky voice full of energetic passion. By all accounts she should be a household name instead of just a respected rock & roll footnote. This set, the first of three volumes to collect all of her Liberty and Imperial singles, will be revelatory to those who only know her from her hit version of “What the World Needs Now.” Tracks like the sassy doo wop gem “Lonely Girl,” “You Won’t Forget Me,” and the majestic “When You Walk in the Room” (all of which she wrote), “Needles and Pins” (hers was the first version and set the jangly sonic template for the Searchers’ own hit with it), and her lovely uptown take on the folk classic “500 Miles” still sound fresh and vital all these decades later. She was -- and is -- the real deal. Kudos should go out to Ace Records for presenting the evidence on her behalf, and for doing it in chronological order.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Teach Me
  2. Lonely Girl
  3. Heaven Is Being with You
  4. Think About You
  5. Wish I Could Find a Boy (Just Like You)
  6. I Won't Turn You Down
  7. Ain't That Love
  8. Baby (When Ya Kiss Me)
  9. The Prince
  10. That's What Boys Are Made of
  11. I'll Drown in My Own Tears
  12. Just Like in the Movies
  13. Guess Who
  14. You Won't Forget Me
  15. I Don't Think So Much of Myself Now
  16. Faded Love
  17. Dancing Silhouettes
  18. Needles and Pins
  19. Did He Call Today, Mama?
  20. Little Yellow Roses
  21. Oh, Sweet Chariot
  22. 500 Miles
  23. Till You Say You'll Be Mine
  24. When You Walk in the Room
  25. Should I Cry
  26. I'm Gonna Be Strong