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Folk, Traditional Folk, Folk-Pop, Vocal Pop, Folk Revival

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The Limeliters' third and fourth albums are combined on this welcome two-fer reissue. The Slightly Fabulous Limeliters, originally released in August 1961, was the trio's follow-up to their breakthrough second LP, Tonight: In Person, the live album that established them as a major force in the commercial folk trend of the early '60s. Their task with The Slightly Fabulous Limeliters, it is clear, was to give their new mass audience more of the same, and this they did, once again recording live. Frontman Lou Gottlieb, making fun of himself and everything around him with the erudition of a slightly mad college professor, really stood out with an audience to laugh along. But that only served to warm up the fans for the group's traditional folk material, presented in exact harmonies that supported Glenn Yarbrough's stirring tenor lead. It was no wonder that the album gave the group a second Top Ten chart placing. Sing Out!, released in January 1962, found them back in the recording studio for the first time since their self-titled debut album, and although it was a good collection of folk songs and novelties, the loss of the live element was noticeable, as it is here especially, after the listener has just listened to The Slightly Fabulous Limeliters. Still, these two albums present the group at its popular peak, and they demonstrate what appealed to their fans in their first blush of success and for a long time afterward.
William Ruhlmann, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Western Wind
  2. Medley
  3. Lass From the Low Country
  4. Gunslinger
  5. Curina
  6. Vicki Dougan
  7. Aravan, Aravan
  8. Whistling Gypsy
  9. The Time of Man
  10. Harry Pollitt
  11. Hard Ain't It Hard
  12. Mama Don't 'Low
  13. Jehosephat
  14. Everywhere I Look This Mornin'
  15. Pretty Far Out
  16. The Lion and the Lamb
  17. Golden Bell
  18. A Wayfaring Stranger
  19. Charmin' Betsy
  20. Gilgarry Mountain (Darlin' Sportin' Jenny)
  21. Marvin
  22. The Little Land
  23. Joy Across the Land
  24. Gotta Travel On