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Alternative Tentacles
Spoken Word, Spoken Word, Political Comedy, Comedy

Album Review

Jello Biafra's third album of spoken word political invective is looser and funnier than the two that sprang up as a direct result of his mid-'80s obscenity trial. He's clearly regained the sense of absurdity and humor that made the Dead Kennedys more than your average hardcore band. In fact, much of I Blow Minds for a Living is downright hilarious; "Running for Mayor" is half standup routine and half shaggy dog story, detailing his media-baiting run for mayor of San Francisco in 1981 (he placed fourth out of ten candidates) with sly, self-deprecating wit that never quite hides the pointed political agenda at the heart of his campaign. Elsewhere, he rips into chicken hawks (pro-war politicians who conveniently dodged service in Vietnam and elsewhere), censorship, the war on drugs, and other juicy targets, backing up his barbs with thoughtful and cogent political analysis.
Stewart Mason, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Talk on Censorship: Let Us Prey
  3. Die for Oil, Sucker [Higher Octane Version]
  4. I Was a Teenage Pacifist
  5. If Voting Changed Anything...
  6. Running for Mayor
  7. Grow More Pot
  8. Lost Orgasm
  9. Talk on Censorship: Better Livin Through New World Orders
  10. Talk on Censorship: Fear of a Free Planet
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