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February 09, 2010
Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Soft Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Adult Contemporary, AM Pop

Album Review

Recorded at Madison Square Garden in August 2008, Hot August Night/NYC: Live from Madison Square Garden finds Neil Diamond performing an extensive, even exhaustive, collection of songs in front of a capacity crowd. There are a few songs from his Rick Rubin-shepherded 2000s comeback albums, but this, like the other Hot August Night editions before it, is hits-heavy and crowd-pleasing -- and if Neil doesn't quite have the energy or voice that he did in the '70s, he still knows how to work an audience and leave them satisfied. As a bonus, the two-CD set includes six songs recorded at other locales, resulting in a package that includes 33 songs in all.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Holly Holy
  2. Street Life
  3. Beautiful Noise
  4. Love on the Rocks
  5. Play Me
  6. Cherry, Cherry
  7. Thank the Lord For the Night Time
  8. Home Before Dark
  9. Don't Go There
  10. Pretty Amazing Grace
  11. Crunchy Granola Suite
  12. Done Too Soon
  13. Brooklyn Roads
  14. I Am... I Said
  15. Solitary Man
  16. Kentucky Woman
  17. Forever in Blue Jeans
  18. Sweet Caroline
  19. You Don't Bring Me Flowers
  20. Song Sung Blue
  21. I'm a Believer
  22. Man of God
  23. Hell Yeah
  24. Cracklin' Rosie
  25. America
  26. Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show
  27. Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show [Walk-Off and Applause]
  28. Hello Again [Fresno 2008] [*]
  29. Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon [London 2008] [*]
  30. You Got to Me [Philadelphia 2008] [*]
  31. Soolaimon [London 2002] [*]
  32. If You Know What I Mean [Rotterdam 2008] [*]
  33. Glory Road [Columbus 2005] [*]
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