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Pop/Rock, New Wave, Power Pop, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Punk/New Wave

Album Review

Power-pop was very much of the moment; bands who held on as late as 1985 had to lose the silly ties and modify their sound or face ridicule. The Romantics certainly followed the rules with Rhythm Romance. This time the band is pictured on the cover dressed in black leather and bigger hair. They've become full-fledged arena rockers complete with a big ultraslick production ... and an utterly forgettable batch of songs.
Chris Woodstra, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Let's Get Started
  2. Mystified
  3. Be My Everything
  4. Test of Time
  5. I Got It If You Want It
  6. Rhythm Romance
  7. Never Thought It Would Be Like This
  8. Better Make a Move
  9. Make It Last
  10. Poison Ivy
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