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Rhythm & Blues, Disco, Contemporary R&B, Adult Contemporary R&B, Soul, Quiet Storm, Smooth Soul, Urban

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Unlimited is more substantial than it appears. Looking like a five-dollar box of chocolates, with its contents printed on a large black sticker slapped onto the back, it improves upon 1992's Just for You box in breadth and (once you open the thing) presentation. The only potential problem for some listeners is that 20 of the songs appear in "alternate versions" -- a gentle way of saying "2009 remixes." The mixes were done by Jack Perry, Barry White's musical director and engineer, and they do retain the integrity of the originals. One would have to be fairly familiar with the material to discern major differences. (Did the songs need to be remixed, though? No.) Unlimited, like most boxes, does not cater specifically to casual fans or collectors. Discs one and two cover the Barry White albums, from 1973's I've Got So Much to Give through 1999's Staying Power. Disc three is devoted to the Love Unlimited Orchestra and female trio Love Unlimited, the groups he directed and nurtured, while the fourth disc compiles other production work for the mostly obscure likes of Gloria Scott, Jay Dee, White Heat, Black Satin, and Jimmie & Vella Cameron (whose "Be Fair to Me," released in 1981, indicates that White probably dug Electric Light Orchestra). That's the stuff that only hardcore soul freaks know about. With few exceptions, all the charting singles are represented, and disco freaks get some pleasant surprises with extended disco and previously-promo-only mixes of "Theme from King Kong," "My Sweet Summer Suite," and "It Ain't Love Babe (Until You Give It)." The fifth disc is a DVD containing 14 video clips -- gold for fans. Regardless of whatever reservations one may have about it, Unlimited is a generous and representative overview of one of the 1970s' most gifted and prolific do-it-all musicians.
Andy Kellman, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby [Alternate Version] [Alterna
  2. Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take][Take
  3. Honey Please, Can't Ya See [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take][Take]
  4. Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take
  5. You're the First, the Last, My Everything [Alternate Version] [Alternat
  6. I'll Do For You Anything You Want Me To [Alternate Version] [Alternate
  7. What Am I Gonna Do With You [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take][Take]
  8. Let Me Live My Life Lovin' You Babe [Album Version] [Alternate Take][Ta
  9. You See the Trouble With Me [Album Version] [Alternate Take][Take]
  10. Let the Music Play [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take][Take]
  11. Don't Make Me Wait Too Long [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take][Take]
  12. Your Love -- So Good I Can Taste It [Album Version] [Version]
  13. I'm Qualified To Satisfy You [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take][Take]
  14. I've Got So Much To Give [Album Version] [Alternate Version]
  15. Playing Your Game, Baby [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take][Take]
  16. It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me [Alternate Version] [Alternat
  17. You Turned My Whole World Around [Album Version] [Version]
  18. Your Sweetness is My Weakness [Edited 12" Version] [12-Inch Version][Ed
  19. It Ain't Love, Babe (Until You Give It Up) [Special Disco Version]
  20. Ghetto Letto
  21. Sheet Music [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take][Take]
  22. Ella Es Todo Para Mi [She's Everything to Me]
  23. Our Theme [Edited Pts. 1 & 2] [Edit]
  24. Love Song
  25. Good Dancin' Music [Alternate] [Alternate Take][Take]
  26. You're What's on My Mind [Non-LP Single]
  27. Super Lover [Undercover Mix]
  28. Don't Play Games
  29. Midnight and You [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take][Take]
  30. Baby Blues [Album Version] [Version]
  31. Love's Theme [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take][Take]
  32. My Sweet Summer Suite [12" Promo Version] [Version]
  33. Theme from King Kong [12-Inch Disco Version] [Version]
  34. Sweet Moments [Non-Lp Version] [Non-LP Single][Version]
  35. Whisper Softly
  36. Welcome Aboard
  37. Walkin' In the Rain With the One I Love [Album Version] [Version]
  38. It May Be Winter Outside (But in My Heart It's Spring) [Alternate Versi
  39. Under the Influence of Love [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take][Take]
  40. I Belong To You [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take][Take]
  41. He's All I've Got
  42. High Steppin’, Hip Dressin’ Fella [Alternate Version] [Alternate Take][
  43. I Love You More and More [Album Version] [Version]
  44. If We Don't Make It, Nobody Can [Non-Lp Vocal Version] [Version]
  45. Strange Funky Games and Things
  46. Be Fair to Me
  47. Satin Soul
  48. Just as Long as We're Together (In My Life There Will Never Be Another)
  49. I've Got to Have All of You [#]
  50. Oh Love (Well, We Finally Made It) [Non-LP Single]
  51. You've Changed
  52. Take a Look at Yourself (Before You Frown on Someone Else)
  53. How I Wish We Could Do It Again [Lp Version] [Version]
  54. Falling in Love Is a No No [Non-LP Single]
  55. Have a Nice Weekend Baby
  56. What's Your Sign Girl
  57. The Erotic Garden [After Hours Version of Secret Garden] [Version]
  58. In Your Wildest Dreams
  59. Sho' You Right [Stereo] [Multimedia]
  60. I Wanna Do It Good To Ya [Video] [Multimedia]
  61. When Will I See You Again [Stereo] [Multimedia]
  62. Follow That and See (Where It Leads Y’All) [Stereo] [Multimedia]
  63. Put Me in Your Mix [Multimedia]
  64. Dark and Lovely (You Over There) [Multimedia]
  65. Practice What You Preach [Multimedia]
  66. Come On [Stereo] [Multimedia]
  67. I Only Want to Be with You [Multimedia]
  68. Sho' You Right [Stereo Commentary] [Multimedia][*]
  69. I Wanna Do It Good To Ya [Stereo Commentary] [Multimedia][*][Mix]
  70. When Will I See You Again [Stereo Commentary] [*][Multimedia Track]
  71. Follow That and See (Where It Leads Y’All) [Stereo Commentary] [Live][*
  72. Put Me In Your Mix [Stereo Commentary] [Multimedia][Live][*]
  73. Dark and Lovely (You Over There) [Stereo Commentary]
  74. Practice What You Preach [Stereo Commentary]
  75. Come On [Stereo Commentary]
  76. I Only Want To Be With You [Stereo Commentary]
  77. Just the Way You Are [Stereo Commentary]
  78. I Wanna Do It Good To Ya [Wet Remix / Stereo Commentary]
  79. Let the Music Play [Funkstar Remix / Stereo Commentary]
  80. Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up [Live From Brussels / Stereo Commentary]
  81. You're the First, the Last, My Everything [Live Duet With Luciano Pavar
  82. Sho' You Right [Surround Sound]
  83. I Wanna Do It Good To Ya [Surround Sound]
  84. When Will I See You Again [Surround Sound]
  85. Follow That and See (Where It Leads Y’All) [Surround Sound]
  86. Put Me In Your Mix [Surround Sound]
  87. Dark and Lovely (You Over There) [Surround Sound]
  88. Practice What You Preach [Surround Sound]
  89. Come On [Surround Sound]
  90. I Only Want To Be With You [Surround Sound]
  91. Just the Way You Are
  92. I Wanna Do It Good To Ya [Wet Remix]
  93. Let the Music Play [Funkstar Club De Luxe Edit] [Edit]
  94. Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up [Live From Brussels] [Live]
  95. You're the First, the Last, My Everything [Live Duet With Luciano Pavar