Album Info

September 22, 2009
Warner Bros.
Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Early R&B, Early Pop/Rock, Doo Wop

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Track Listing

  1. Kissin' in the Back Row of the Movies
  2. Kissin' In The Back Row Of The Movies
  3. You're More Than A Number In My Little Red Book
  4. You're More Than a Number in My Little Red Book
  5. Come on Over to My Place
  6. Come On Over To My Place
  7. There Goes My Baby
  8. There Goes My Baby
  9. Save the Last Dance for Me
  10. Save The Last Dance For Me
  11. Up On The Roof
  12. Up on the Roof
  13. Honey Love
  14. Honey Love
  15. Saturday Night at the Movies
  16. Saturday Night At The Movies
  17. Under The Boardwalk
  18. Under the Boardwalk
  19. At the Club
  20. At The Club
  21. Baby What I Mean
  22. Baby What I Mean
  23. On Broadway
  24. On Broadway
  25. Only In America
  26. Only in America
  27. Vaya Con Dios
  28. Vaya Con Dios
  29. Like Sister and Brother
  30. Like Sister And Brother
  31. Drip Drop
  32. Drip Drop
  33. Please Stay
  34. Please Stay
  35. Dance With Me
  36. Dance with Me
  37. Moonlight Bay
  38. Moonlight Bay
  39. Baby I Need Your Lovin'
  40. Baby I Need Your Lovin'
  41. To Love Somebody
  42. To Love Somebody
  43. With You
  44. With You
  45. I Hear Your Voice
  46. I Hear Your Voice