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Reggae, Dub Poetry, Dub

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On his own small British Label lurks the most sonically (and electronically) creative producer of the age. The Mad Professor's own albums, while still clearly reggoid, mix in a vision like George Clinton on astrodust and an approach to sampling, synth and so on that makes other electron-maniacs sound like nice little old ladies playing hymns. Macka is a little more conservative, though still pretty ionospheric, what with the synth balafon and Martian belly-drums.
John Storm Roberts, Original Music, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Your Rights/My Rights
  2. Freedom Chant
  3. Ankoko
  4. Dub Power
  5. Zion
  6. Tumble Down
  7. Bucket Brigade
  8. Psycologically Yours
  9. South African Crossfire
  10. Sweet Sweet Victory
  11. [Untitled Track]
  12. [Untitled Track]